JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When John Snyder took his wife of 10 years shopping for new clothes at the St. Johns Town Center on Wednesday, it was supposed to be a celebration.

His wife Jorie had survived a septic infection, coma and loss of half her body weight, according to John, who is retired from the Air Force.

So he said when she was released from the Mayo Clinic, a shopping spree for clothes that fit seemed like a wonderful adventure.

Jorie left the Mayo Pain Rehab Course one year to the day of her infection.

Then she went shopping and lost her engagement ring.

John and her family think it may have slipped off at Banana Republic, Gap or Old Navy.

It is described as a yellow gold solitaire diamond triangle ring. The diamond is engraved with number #2000-12003412.

John is hoping if someone in Jacksonville finds it, sharing their year long struggle will inspire someone to return it, no questions asked.

"We left our number. We are pleading with someone to turn it in," John said.