JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Duval County judge banned a 14 year-old girl accused of beating a classmate from attending any public school in the city.

Circuit Judge Henry Davis made the decision on Tuesday granting an injunction to the family of the allegedvictim whodid not want the alleged victim and suspect in the same school.

"Children should be safe at school. There is no excuse for what is taking place in our schools," said Davis when asked about banning a 14 year-old charged with aggravated battery.

The alleged incident happened last month just before the school day started outside of Oceanway Middle. Police say the victim was lured off campus where a group of girls waited, some with cell phones to record any attack.

The8th grader who was attacked was hospitalized with head injuries. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says her head was smashed against a cement wall.

"Parents and students need to understand there are consequences to engaging in certain behaviors. Certainly bullying and beating your classmates will have consequences," said the judge.

Melissa Thomas who sought the injunction for her daughter was pleased with outcome.

"I feel like getting a little justice," said Thomas.

The criminal caseagainst the 14 year-old accused in the attack is still underway. The injunction issued by the judge prohibits her from enrolling in any Duval County public school.

John Phillips who represents the Thomas family said the judge's ruling was bold.

"For a student to be thrown out of an entire school system because she is such a detriment to that school system is huge," said Phllips.

The Duval County Public School spokesperson Marsha Oliver says the district was not aware of the judge's ruling.