ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- 911 calls releasedin Friday's suspectedroad rage incident reveal that both the victim and suspect in the shooting were allegedly driving aggressively down US-1 before both vehicles came to a stop and someone drew a gun.

"My husband just got shot please hurry," said a woman in a 911 call recording Friday.

"There are two cars that were I don't know playing chicken or

aggressively driving near each other and then we saw them again and there's somebody laying on the ground and somebody had a gun," said a male witness in a 911 call recording.

The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office offense report said the incident began when the suspect and former Flagler Beach Police officer Nathaniel Juratovac did a brake check because he felt Jared Parkey, who happens to be a Flagler County Firefighter, was driving too close to his car. Both drivers were driving in an aggressive manner and the report says Parkey allegedly admitted to throwing a water jug at Juratovac's car before the cars pulled off the road.

"One of them almost ran into the other and almost ran us off the road," said a witness in a 911 call recording.

The report says that Parkey got out of the car and was met by Juratovac who allegedly had a gun. At that time the report said Parkey was shot.

Robin Wilson was driving down US-1 and immediately pulled over when she saw a man on the ground. Wilson said the man's wife was trying to communicate with 911.

"She handed me the cell phone because evidently she wasn't able to explain where she was, so I did that to the 911 operator, the 911 operator asked me what happened and that's when I found out he was shot," said Wilson.

Parkey was bleeding from his chest and his arm. 911 operators told Wilson to compress the wound and that's when she went back to her car to get paper towels and paramedics arrived.

"Nobody was helping, that's why it didn't make any sense," said Wilson.

Wilson said the victim's baby was in the backseat of the car crying. According to police, Juratovac also had his child and wife in the car with him who also happens to be a St. Johns County Sheriff's Deputy. Juratovac's wife was questioned as a witness and is not facing any charges at this time.

Wilson said the event was unreal to her, and that her father has warned her to be careful on the roads in the past ,but never thought she'd actually see something like this.

"People shoot you for that nowadays, and I thought yea, oh well, but now seeing is believing," said Wilson.

Juratovac is charged with attempted murder. He was transported to the Clay County jail on Saturday for security reasons. As a former police officer, he has requested not to release his mug shot.

Juratovac has no bond set at this time.