JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was a high profile criminal case that dominated the headlines last year. It actually started in 2011, when police arrested Carletha Cole, a former aide for then Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll.

They arrested her for distributing a conversation that someone recorded without their consent. Carroll's name got connected with the case when her former aide made allegations that Carroll and another female aide had an improper relationship. Carroll denied that ever happened.

But now, there's a twist that involves Carroll. Carroll resigned from her job on Tuesday. And it was her position that protected her from testifying. A judge ruled Thursday that Carroll may have to testify in this case, which could open up a larger investigation.

Local criminal defense attorney Shannon Padgett said that could open the door for investigators to start asking more questions about her possible involvement with Allied Veterans of the World, which is now under investigation.

"So if they ask her in the criminal case if they start going into things other than the tape recording and start trying to get information regarding other allegations, she can simply plead the fifth and not answer questions."

In an effort to contact Carroll about both cases, our First Coast News cameras caught up with a man who said he was her husband at their home in Flemming Island this morning.

"She's not here. She knows better than to be here because you guys are looking for her," he said. "I don't mean no harm, I'm just protecting my wife as a citizen."

The man expressed his dissatisfaction with an FCN photographer waiting outside of his home. "I pay my taxes, I do everything right and it's just harassment, and just for what?"

FCN also contacted Carroll's former aide who got arrested and has not heard back.