JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Tyler Southern, a triple amputee wounded in Afghanistan, captured so many of our hearts and souls with his wedding and his amazingly positive spirit.

Now he and his bride have a new mission called, "Wounded Wear."

Tyler is a Jacksonville native who always dreamed of being a Marine. He stepped on an IED and lost two legs and an arm.

Tyler and Ashley are hoping you'll sign up for a Poker Run in April to help the nonprofit effort. They could also use volunteers.

If you're a combat wounded veteran, you can receive gifts and custom clothes. The "wounded wear" is made for each veteran depending on physical needs.

For example, if a veteran is missing some fingers, he or she can get special gloves. Any wounded vet with a prosthetic leg knows putting on pants is tough. "Wounded Wear" makes custom jeans with zippers to make life easier.

That's just a start. And it's all free.

Any Purple Heart recipient from any war can get a duffel bag packed with free gifts as well. Shirts which say, "Scarred So Others May Live Free," are available.

And an entire line of clothing to show your patriotism is available to support the project.

So how do you get the custom clothes, do the Poker Run, get the gifts, find the patriotic t-shirts and boots or just lend your support? Click on the "Event" section on the website or go to http://www.woundedwear.org/ to find out more information regarding:

  • Free patriotic clothing available for Purple Heart recipients of any war
  • Custom clothing at no cost to help wounded combat veterans (jeans with zippers to slip over prosthetic legs, for example)
  • Opportunity to help raise money for Wounded Wear, a nonprofit (Poker Run for motorcycles, trucks, cars or anything on wheels in Jacksonville on April 20th)

"That's why we all went," Tyler says. "So folks like you wouldn't have to fight ... None of us are sad," he says. "We're proud to lay down our lives for our country."

Tyler's official title now is Cpl. Tyler Southern, USMC Ret. But he said if he could, he would have stayed in the Marines on the front lines.

Tyler said he's anxious to explain his new mission to help those who have given their best for our country.

If you want to contact Tyler Southern directly, please email Jeannie Blaylock at jblaylock@firstcoastnews.com.