JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey loves playing for his team, but what most people don't know is that his first love is music.

Mincey, who grew up in Statesboro, Ga., said he found his love for music at age six while listening to his grandmother sing old Negro spirituals.

In fact, Mincey said music is in his DNA and he only started playing football in the 11th grade to win a bet with his cousin.

Although he endured struggles early on in his NFL career, he knows deciding to play football was one of the best decision of his life.

Mincey signed a big contract with the Jaguars in 2012, but he didn't have a solid season at least statistically.

So, he spent a lot of time in his recording studio during the 2012 regular season writing songs to help ease his mind and the pressure.

Mincey owns a production company called "Mr. Mince Productions" and will be going on a European tour March 7-18 promoting his brand and speaking to kids in Europe at football camps.

Mincey also said that why music is his first love football is his job and he's just as dedicated to the game of football as he is his music.