JACKSONVILLE, Fla---It's only a few days out of the year in North Florida when temperatures dip down so low not only do you haveto bring in the plants and the pets, you also haveto protect your pipes.

"It could get into thousands of dollars if you have to repipe the house, so a little prevention can go a long way," said Jerry Richardson, a plumber and sales associate for Home Depot in Jacksonville Beach. "Tomorrow it will be frozen, you'll wake up, no water, then you're calling a plumber."

When temperatures are below 32 degrees there's a risk for pipes to freeze, that's why plumbers say insulating your pipes is important.

Plumbing experts in Jacksonville say the most common types of pipes arePVC and copper. There's insulation of all sizes, if you're not sure which to get, they say to get the largest one.

Plants and pets also need to be brought in during low temps, but some braved the cold to walk their pets at the beaches Sunday night.

"Well you can only have the dogs on the beach after 5 and he likes to go run and stuff like that," said Sean Bochette, a beach resident.

Being on the beach on vacation is why Marcia Mitchell came to Jacksonville from Seattle, but she had to leave her t-shirts and sandals in her luggage this weekend.

"We're here for the warm weather, but it's not warm it's freezing," said Mitchell.

Usually the freezing weather means slow business for the beaches, but thanks to the 26.2 with Donna, runners lingered at the beach boosting business for restaurants like the North Beach Fish Camp. The manager says about 200 of Sunday's customers were runners stopping by after the race.

"It generate business throughout our community which is good because in this economy in this state of age its tough to keep a business up and running but like you see here, we're doing pretty well," said Alex Sizemore, manager at the North Beach Fish Camp restaurant in Neptune Beach.

So it seems business is flowing at the beach and if you take the right precautions so will your pipes in the morning.

You can also wrap your pipes with newspaper or blankets if you do not have insulation. Also, plumbers say leaving the faucet running to a drip will keep the water moving and prevent a freeze.