JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, along with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, responded to a fire in the Longbranch neighborhood around 4:30 a.m.Friday morning.

JSO Sgt. Michael Paulconfirmed one fatality due to the blaze.

"It looks like the individual was trying to exit the residence and was succumbed by smoke or fire," tells Sgt. Paul.

Family members gathering at the scene identify the woman as 86-year-old Margarine Cobb, a mother ofeight girls and several grandchildren.Cobb's daughter told First Coast News, they were all raised inside the home.

"She would not letanything stop her from helping anybody and everybody. She was just an all-around mom," tells Mildred Chambers, Cobb's daughter.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the State Fire Marshall's Office is investigating and haven't said yet how or in what roomthe fire started. They are also looking into a 911 call that came in from the area.

"When the dispatcher answered the call, the individual on the other line never responded and we are trying to determine if that was the person in the home," says Sgt. Paul.

As Cobb's family waits for the answers to their questions of how and what happened, they are beginning to grieve the mother and grandmother they've lost.

"She was a very Christian woman. She taught us very well about the Lord. So for me it makes it a little easier to accept, but as a human, that is just the way it is,"says Chambers with a sadsigh,"Just the way it is."