BAKER COUNTY, Fla. -- Forget combing yard sales on the weekends. Now you can do it from your computer. It's called a virtual yard sale, and it's made it to the First Coast.

A Baker County mom who didn't want to have to get in her car and drive around looking for great buys decided to create the Baker County Virtual Yard Sale online. Everything from cars to furniture to clothes is sold on the site, and users don't have to pay a fee to buy, sell, trade or barter goods.

Peggy Diggers, owner of Glen St. Mary Pre-School and Childcare Center, said she shops each week from the convenience of her home and office.

"Once the virtual yard sale started I'm going 'wow, the savings.' So I just started purchasing off of there and I probably have saved at least $2,000 to $3,000 purchasing off the virtual yard sale," said Diggers.

Melissa Malloy, who works with Diggers, started the Baker County Virtual Yard Sale after seeing one in another county.

"Basically, you ask to join the group and once you are approved you post stuff and sell, buy, trade, whatever you need to do," explains Malloy. "It's for all counties in North Florida and South Georgia, but we don't charge anything to be members of it."

"Mamma made it and asked me to help, and I basically design all the sites," said Chase Wright, Malloy's 15-year-old son. "We have an automotive site, a site for kids stuff, all kinds of stuff."

Wright is now the brains behind the popular site. In just over a year, it has grown to have more than 8,000 members.

"We have hundreds of posts from different people each day. We have between ten and thirty people join each day," said Wright.

They say it's all about connecting with those nearby and helping your neighbor. Over the holidays, Wright said members donated enough items to help about thirty families in need.

"As far as purchasing things, with the savings it is absolutely wonderful. I fully believe it does help people," said Diggers.

To join theBaker County Virtual Yard Sale, click here.