JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- It smells and it looks bad. Neighbors along Taylor Field Road said their garbage hasn't been picked up in almost three weeks.

First Coast News went out to Taylor Field Roadand sure enough, garbage was piled up next to multiple homes.

"It looks like there is so much garbage that it is overflowing from the trash cans," said Elaine Lanouewho lives in one of the homes affected.

Lanoue said she called the city about it and now she's angry.

"They can't give me an answer why they're not picking up our garbage," Lanoue, explained as she stood next to a large pile of trash.

"Been doing it for 40 years or better. So, what's their problem? Why's the city doing...I pay my taxes. I own my own property. I don't understand why they're not picking up our garbage."

Elaine, the On Your Side team took your concerns straight to the City of Jacksonville. A spokesperson tells us they are researching the issue. FCN will stay on top of this and continue to get answers.