GAINESVILLE Fla. -- The Gainesville Police Department ruled the suspicious death of a 63-year-old woman a homicide and a suspect has been arrested in the case.

Police began to investigate the death of Roxie E. Scott-Kotb, 63, after her body was found on January 13 at Bivens Cove Apartments at 3301 SW 13th St. in Gainesville, according to Ben Tobias with GPD.

GPD said Scott-Kotb's autopsy revealed that she died from a blunt-force trauma to the head. Her 2007 Mercury Milan was missing along with her purse containing credit cards and identification.

Police began to suspect her adopted son, Darryl Dewayne Scott, 40, was responsible for her death.

Her stolen car was stopped on January 14 by GPD just after midnight, Tobias said. The occupants inside the vehicle were able to identify Scott and told police he allowed them to take the car in exchange for crack cocaine.

Detectives investigated where Scott worked, Gator City Motors, and learned he had taken off with a dealership vehicle.

Tobias said Scott traveled to New York and used his deceased mother's credit cards and eventually returned to Florida.

On Sunday, police in Orange County spotted the stolen vehicle Scott was driving and arrested him. He will be extradited back to Alachua County Jail, where he will be charged with murder and grand theft auto.