JACKSONVILLE, FL -- It's called, "Aud's Chime," but you could name it, "Everyone's Chime." Everyone, that is, who's made it through radiation treatments.

Aud is short for Audrey, a little girl who just turned seven. She and her mom came 16,000 miles from Australia to University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute on the campus of Shands Jacksonville for treatment.

We first med Aud last year when she was finishing treatment No. 30, her last radiation session for a tumor in her brain. Themass is not cancerous but dangerous, nonetheless. Aud could have gone blind, for starters.

Officially, doctors call Aud's tumor a craniopharyngioma.

Now the tumor is shrinking. Doctors hope it will end up as a scar nodule, nothing worse.

Meanwhile, Aud's mom, Sue Anderson, says she comes from an artistic family. She wanted to tap into that talent and her own journey to create something specialin the facility.

The idea of chimes seemed to please everyone.

Now all patients can look forward to ringing the chimes. Of course, tumor experiences never really end, patients say, but the chimes focus on the joys along the journey.

Audrey's mom wrote a verse to share with everyone at the first ringing of the chimes:

My time has come to ring this chime

A simple sound - a simple sign

That tells the world this is my time

To cherish the health that I will find