JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- The family of a local veteran is fired up because they say after he honorably served our country, there's a big problem with his education money.

The family says his education money he has earned isn't getting to him.

Erin Murphy, of Atlantic Beach, is the proud parent of two former military men. She said her son, former Navy machinist, Jesse, has carried out two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

Murphy said both of her sons served in the military and her son, Jesse, served our country for 12 years. Jesse is currently in school at Florida Career College, to study commercial HVAC. The school is a Department of Veterans Affairs Yellow Ribbon School.

However, Murphy said, since October, her son hasn't received a $5,000 payment from the government through the school, even though the school claims to have certified her son as a veteran student on January 11.

"He was honorably discharged. He has several exemplory metals," Murphy said. "He's done excellent. And I feel very ashamed of them that he's being treated this way. That's how I feel. To me, he's a hero. He and his brother are both heroes."

First For You, what is the Yellow Ribbon Program and what does it mean for you?

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs website, the Yellow Ribbon Program is part of the post 9/11 GI bill. Available at certain higher learning institutions, it's an agreement with the VA that pays for some or all of the tuition. Only veterans at the 100% benefit level qualify for the program, not active duty military.

On YoOur Side called the VA and was told, if you are in a hardship, the student can call the VA to try to expedite the process. We were told there is no set processing time.

Regional Vice President, Michael Schwam, tells OYS the reason for Jesse's delay is because of a communications mix-up. Jesse's program changed late last year and someone at the school didn't tell the VA in a timely manner. The issue is being fixed and Jesse, along with other student veterans affected, will get their money.

The updating of the VA is sometimes a lengthy process. It is often frustrating for the student and the school. Although, the process took longer than anticipated, we are happy that our student is now certified," Schwam said. "We regret any inconvenience the process might have caused. We are committed to our military veterans, and all of our students, at Florida Career College."

Click herefor a link to the VA website for answers to your specific questions about the Yellow Ribbon Program.