JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville woman said she's had numerous problems with her car since she took it to an area mechanic.

Jessica Sarles, 28,uses her car daily. So, when she had troubles back in mid November 2012, she took the car to an area auto repair shop, but the estimate was too high. She took it to a family friend who owns GT Auto Repair.

"He was going to fix my manifold intake gasket. We decided since he was going to be in the engine already, to change the spark-plugs and fix a couple other things," she said.

Shop owner, Gerald Thomas told Sarles: "I will do the job for you for $375 in labor. No parts to it," Thomas told First Coast News. "You buy all the parts, that'll save you some money."

She spent about $200 on parts and the work was done with no problem. Sarles claims an oil leak sprouted, but they fixed it.

"Then, when I got the car back, I was having additional knocking in it," Sarles said. "Now I have oil and gas leaking all over the car. I also have some coil wires that are over the radiator and their melting."

Thomas said, "The repairs that were being done to the vehicle was caused from not having antifreeze in her vehicle, which caused a lot of calcium build up on the intake manifold."

He asserts Sarles' claims are not true.

"I stand behind my work," Thomas emphasized.

Thomas said Sarles won't get a refund, but all she has to do is bring her car back.

"If it's something that I did, then I will be more than happy to take care of it for her with no cost," he said.

We at First Coast News are obviously not mechanics and we don't know what is wrong with Sarles' car. But, First For You, here's what some mechanics recommend you do.

Make sure you keep the proper fluid levels in your car. Also, be sure to keep your car properly maintained.