JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Do you wish you knew your neighbors better? A new website that is taking root in Jacksonville is offering exactly that.

Grove Park is one of 17 neighborhoods that is using a website called "". It is a social networking site, but you can only interact with people inside your own neighborhood.

Ron Broom, who is a member of Grove Park's NextDoor, says about 35 homes in his neighborhood are now using it. Broom says his neighborhood has been using it to plan block parties, send out the occasional crime alert and post about lost pets.

"A good example was on Christmas Day. Our normal trash pickup would have been Christmas Day, so I was able to find out it would be the next day and you get that kind of information out and it really helps," says Broom.

But the biggest advantage he says is being able to meet more of his neighbors rather than just the people who live around him.

"With today, you know, we are scattered here and there and we can't communicate like we should. So for safety reasons, I thought NextDoor would be right for us," says Broom.

The website is free for neighborhoods to use and you can only access your neighborhood's page.

To learn more about NextDoor follow this link: