JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In Courtroom 407 in the Duval County Courthouse, families were made on Friday.

"We've known her, her whole life. This is all she's known and we would like to make her permanently ours," adoptive father James Hason told the courtroom.

Twenty-seven children are being adopted into loving homes, including 19-month-old Lily.

She's been with Paige and James Hanson since she was three days old. Now with a little smile from Lily and through teary eyes from Paige, Lily officially became a Hanson.

"She knows she is ours. The courts just made it official," said James Hanson.

One-by-one, 26 more childrenbegan a new chapter in their lives. Five-month-old Jayden took a nap on his new daddy's chest as his adoptive parents approached the judges. Jayden was serenely unaware that was one of the most important days of his young life. He will join Lindsey and Sheryle Frisk's family. They have one other son, a five-year-old they also adopted.

"I couldn't imagine anything without him," said Sheryle Frisk.

For more than a dozen local families, these adoptions are better than any gift they could have ever been given for the holidays.

"I am just so happy, I love her so much. I am happy that she is going to be with us forever," said Paige Hanson through tears.

There are 49 more children in Duval County that need adoptive or foster parents. The majority are school age children. To see their pictures and find out how to become an adoptive or foster parent, go to