JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers recovered a stolen van at an abandoned Springfield home Wednesday after a patrol officer tried to pull the van over and the two men fled.

Officers recovered the van from an abandoned home located near West 8th and Pearl Streets.

Police at the scene told First Coast News the van was reported stolen from Jacksonville's Westside Wednesday morning.

A patrol officer riding near Springfield then saw a van matching the stolen vehicle's description.

When he activated his blue lights and tried to stop the van, which was being driven by two unidentified men, the van sped off.

The van stopped in an alleyway near an abandoned home and a vacant lot. Police said neighbors told them the two men bailed out of the van and one of them went inside the abandoned home.

When police searched the home, however, they did not find anyone.

Police are now processing the stolen van for evidence. Officers at the scene said they recovered stolen items inside the van.

A description of the two men has not yet been released by police.