JACKSONVILLE, FL --- Sunday, Brittany Henne, wife of Jaguars backup quarterback Chad Henne donated lots of goods and supplies to the First Coast News Operation Sandy Relief effort.

Henne organized a relief of her own last week after watchinga First Coast News report that the station had organizedits ownhurricane relief effort.

Henne says she called and emailed the wives of other Jaguars players and coaches to see if they'd be interested in donating to the FCN hurricane effort.

She says the response was amazing.

In fact, every players wife donated items.

Dominique Landry, the wife of Jaguars Safety Dawan Landry says it was a no brainer for her.

Her husband Dawan is from New Orleans and he his family survived hurricane Katrina.

Henned added more than 20 players and coaches have loved ones who have been affected by hurricane Sandy.