JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- A SWAT call out in an Oceanway neighborhood Saturday afternoon had some residents worried about their safety, especially ones who couldn't even get into their homes.

"I'm scared, I'm scared of what's going on," says a resident.

This woman was turned away from her street like many other residents who live on or around the 300 block of Galway. SWAT teams and Jacksonville Sheriff's officers closed off several streets including Airport Center Road while they negotiated with an armed and barricaded man.

"We evacuated anybody that was potentially in harms way obviously when you have firearms involved you worry about where those projectors would go so anybody that was in the immediate area was evacuated," said Lt. Shawn McCormick with JSO.

Lt. McCormick says a family member notified police about the reportedly suicidal man and then evacuated the home. SWAT teams were on the scene shortly after noon and negotiators reached a peaceful resolution with the man five hours later leaving neighbors with mixed emotions.

"Uneasy, uneasy, because I have a teenage son and I don't let him up into this neighborhood actually he stays in our subdivision back there and that's it," says Donna Brown, a resident.

"My neighbors don't like it none of us like it but what can you do cause we're not responsible for what other people do," says resident Gloria Phillips.

The biggest concern for some is that they say incidents like these are not new to the neighborhood.

"Oh yea, same house, a lady was murdered that lived in that house," says Phillips.

Authorities didn't confirm that this is the same home where a woman was found dead in August of last year, but did say there have been incidents.

"The home's been involved in other calls for police service, yes in the past and I think there's been some other events at the house as well over the last year or two," says Lt. McCormick.

After becoming familiar with events like these, some residents have taken precautions to stay safe.

"I have a security system put in my house I have a dog now which I didn't have before just to alert me I am a single mom just the fact that this stuff happens it scares me," says Brown.

No one was hurt during the SWAT call out. JSO says the man who barricaded himself this afternoon is receiving medical attention.