GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. -- We're hearing from the woman who may have saved her neighbor's life after a violenthome break-in. You first saw this story on First Coast News Thursday afternoon, after the suspects lead police on a high-speed chase to the Sidney Lanier Bridge.

Thetwo suspects, a father and son pair of 44-year-old Joe Demery and 26-year-old Joshua Demery, are in custody Thursday evening.

This all started in a quiet Glynn County neighborhood near Godley Road and Highway 32. Police say two men broke in a home, and shot a lady in the head.

Sybrina Kneff was stunned when she saw her neighbor running through the streets for her life, bleeding from her head and face.

"She's like, I've been shot, I've been shot. She kept saying, 'please don't let me die.'"

She knew this was a life or death situation. She immediately called 911, while trying to keep her calm.

Kneff explained, "She had blood coming out of her mouth and her nose, but she got shot right here behind her ear and it shattered her jaw and her nose got broke."

She believes the broken nose was from driving into a telephone pole when trying to escape her attackers.

Another neighbor who did not want to be identified said, "I think she came through the back of the shed and I think she was trying to hide from them. And then we saw her shoe was out in the front."

The victim's boyfriend tells us she is going to be okay, amazingly, after being shot in the head. Now, he's trying to figure out how this could have happened.

Johnny Mathews said, "She said she told them to take the TV's, whatever, just let me live."

Kneff added, "They grabbed her by her hair and drug over by the back door and fired at her three times. That's what she told us. Just trying to keep her awake and keep her talking."

A lot of people of here have dogs, including the family at that house, but they were chained up at the time. Now neighbors here say they plan to take extra security measures like cameras and alarms after this.