JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local business owner said she was scammed in a way that played off her willingness to help others.

"I mean, I have stupid written across my forehead and I'm smarter than that," Dana Yoachum said.

Yoachum owns New to Me, a new and resale clothing store on Old St. Augustine Road.

That's where she was when she says she was scammed out of $85 dollars.

Yoachum said she got a call from someone claiming to be the owner of a neighboring store.

"He said, 'Look I'm so sorry but I'm stuck on the Buckman [Bridge], there's a rig that flipped over and I have a delivery going on but I can't get there to the store in time for the invoice. Can he drop the invoice off to you?'" Yoachum said. "I said sure don't worry about it I'll take care of it. I'm thinking it's the owner."

When a man arrived at the store with an invoice for $85, she said she reluctantly paid it.

"I had this sick feeling in my stomach," Yoachum said. "As soon as I handed him the $85 and he walked out, something in me just said this isn't right."

She said she called the original number back and it went to Lowe's.

There is a Lowe's across the street.

"I can't believe this, I just got scammed," Yoachum said. "And I was just sick."

She said the store owner confirmed her suspicions.

"I said tell me you weren't stuck on the Buckman last night," Yoachum said. "He said what are you talking about."

Yoachum filed a police report August 10th and says police told her they have information and pictures of the suspect.

But she said police didn't contact her with a photo lineup until last week. By then, she says her memory was hazy, and she said picked the wrong guy.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office did not provide First Coast News information about the suspect.