WAYCROSS, Ga. -- A new "synergy restaurant" is up andrunning in Waycross, Georgia. It's a combination Red Lobster/OliveGardenand was built specifically for smaller markets.

The restaurant is owned by Darden Restaurants and is the fourth of its kind. The company's late owner, Bill Darden, opened his first restaurantin Waycross back in the 1930s -- The Green Frog.

The 8,700 square-foot restaurant will add 200 new jobs to the local economy. Residents are excited about the opening.

"Obviously that's gonna make a big impact on a lot of families here that have been unemployed or struggling with one half of the family not working, said Sonya Renee-Clark, who grew up in Waycross.

"It's created a lot of job opportunities around here."

Restuarant goer Kimberly Stephens agrees.

"This is a huge addition to our local economy and it'll give us a chance, some of us ladies, a chance to have the night off."

The restaurant openedat 10 A.M. Monday morning with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Bill Darden's wife, Mary, and their three sons.

The first Synergy Red Lobster/Olive Garden opened in Palm Coast, FLearlier this month.