JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A couple was delayed for their own wedding.

They andtheir wedding partywere on their way toTalbot Island, but they were stoppedshort whendowned power lines closedthe Sister's Creek Bridge on Heckscher Drive.

An electric line on a telephone pole snapped off when bad weather came through. The line draped over the light poles on the drawbridge, and fell onto the edge of the roadway.

Richard Chester was fishing under the drawbridge.

"It felt like 50-60 mile per hour winds," said Chester. "Me and my friend wondered if a tornado was coming through. We saw the rain coming and then the wind blew.All of a sudden we heard a loud pop and next thing I knew, the bell started going off. The bell kept going off and the bridge didn't raise."

Chester went up on the bridge, waived down an off duty officer on the east end who stopped traffic. Chester ran to the west end to stop the cars and avoid what he thought was a live power line.

Gerri Boyce of the JEA says the electricity usually trips when a line falls so it was likely not a live power line.

"I was telling everybody you got to stop, you don't want to go through there.I was turning everybody around," said Chester.

He said a man who lives nearby had just gone to the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and gave him some chicken nuggets for doing what he called a "good deed."

Cars quickly began to line up.The wedding party of 25 - 30 people was stuck in the traffic.

Terrence Hahn -- the groom -- and his fiancee Natasha McKnight werein separate cars.

"I am getting really nervous, wondering if this is going to happen today," said McKnight, the bride. "I amjust wondering if we are going to get there and get this going and get it over with."

McKnight says she had already put the wedding off fortwo weeks when her sister had a baby. She was anxious.

"Very bittersweet," said Hahn. It had already been a very rough day for McKnight's fiancee. He lost his mother to cancer this very morning.

ButHahn wasn't anxious; he was as cool as a cucumber. Hesaid he was happy to be marrying his best friend.

"Just a little glitch in it, for the rest of our lives we'll be togetherso we can wait 20 minutes to get the bridge fixed."

AJEA crew had to bring in a 100 foot bucket truck to make repairs which took aboutsix hours. One lane of the bridge was opento allow traffic through around 6:30 p.m. allowing the wedding party to head to Talbot Island to tie the knot.