JACKSONVILLE, Fla --- For the first time since his holdout began weeks ago, Maurice Jones-Drew spoke about his contract, owner Shad Khan's recent comments and talk that he's open to being traded.

Earlier this week Khad said about MJD's holdout, "Train's leaving the station. Run. Get on it".

Jones-Drew said about those comments, if that's how Khan handles his business that's how he handles business. It hurts because he's given so much to the organization and the community in Jacksonville. But at the same time he can't take anything personal.

Jones-Drew went on to say you don't hear about guys getting big contracts. You don't hear about guys getting cut until the day of. So, you just try to keep the situation private as possible because that's the only way they're going to get the issue resolved.

MJD also says that if he's traded that would be up to the Jaguars. But after Khan's comments is sounds like that's what he wants.

Jones-Drew says he's optimistic that something will get done soon.

But he wants Jags fans to know he would love to be here and play the rest of his career in Jacksonville.

Jones-Drew says, it's taken a little longer than we thought but I sitll think there should be an opportunity that the two sides sit down and figure something out.

He says he's open to it and he's been open and willing to do it for a long time.

In fact, he's been trying to do it but it's not up to him it's up to the Jaguars.