JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Sheriff's Office deputies arrested an employee at the K-Mart on Blanding Boulevard on charges she stole over $100,000 worth of jewelry over the course of a year.

Police received notification from the K-Mart loss prevention officer at the store located at 4645 Blanding Boulevard that a store audit showed a shortage of $145,000 from the jewelry department, according to an arrest report from JSO.

Store personnel told police they reviewed video surveillance that showed the shortage did not happen on the store floor. The report says loss prevention officers then placed video surveillance inside the store's main office.

When they reviewed the surveillance tape, they saw Wanda Bias not place the jewelry storage case inside the cash office, according to the report.

The loss prevention officer told police Bias would leave the jewelry case inside the main office. Bias would then unlock the jewelry case, remove jewelry from the case and then place the jewelry in her pockets and purse.

The loss prevention officer for the store told police once the full investigation into the theft was completed, the total value of the stolen jewelry was over $200,000.

The K-Mart loss prevention district manager went to the store to speak with Bias, who was a manager. The report says when the district manager interviewed Bias, she admitted to him that had been stealing from K-Mart for over a year.

Wanda Bias was arrested and taken to the Police Memorial Building to be interviewed. When detectives spoke with Bias, the report says, she admitted to stealing the merchandise.

Bias was charged with employee theft over $100,000; dealing in stolen property; and giving false verification of ownership of pawned items. She is not eligible to receive bond.