GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- It's not a good way to start the weekend: fired and stranded, with no way home.

"Now we gotta take all our clothes, all our tools, and get all the way from Green Cove Springs, FL to Atlanta, GA," said Nicholas Harding.

5 men, more than 20 bags, and a dog.

Stuck on the side of the road.

From Atlanta, Georgia they were brought in to work on cell towers in Green Cove Springs for two weeks.

But at the end of their contract, they were fired, and their company would not let them go home in the trucks they came in on.

"It's not fair, it's not right, it's not justice," said Harding.

It was a tense stand off at a gas station on highway 17 for hours between the employers and the former employees.

At one point Clay County Sheriff's Deputy's were called to sort out the dispute.

"I really don't know how I'll be getting back because I was not expecting to have to find another way home," said Randolph Covington.

In a phone interview, the owner of the company says they offered to pay for a cab to the nearest bus station, but the men refused.

"The company has been a great company to work for, great opportunity, and this is the first thing that ever happened! real big! But I just gotta find my way home I guess," said Covington.

And with all that baggage, it's no small feat.

"All I want to do is just get home," said Covington.

Eventually a patron of the gas station took the men to a rental car company so they could get on the road back to Atlanta.