CALLAHAN, Fla. -- Steve Young purchased a used refrigerator for use outside his Callahan home.

"I keep drinks, beer stuff, like that," he said.

He's had the used fridge two weeks -- long enough to discover it is a safety hazard. He says it almost killed his Yorkie.

"It lit my wife up," said Young, "and almost electrocuted my little dog."

He had to give the dog chest compressions.

"Iunplug the refrigerator and pull the little dog out," he said, "and I laidhim on the table and kept mashing on his chest."

Young purchased his used fridgefrom Norman's Northside Appliance for $200. It has a 30-day warranty, but Young says the store won't fix the problem.

Norman Andrews, whose slogan is "don't fuss, call us," said he was heading to Young's home to fix the problem when reached by phone.

Andrews showed, but when he saw First Coast News, he turned around.Andrews called and offered a refund.

Young did not want a refund. He wanted the company to stand behind its warranty and make the used fridge safe.

Buying a used appliance can save money, but to get the most for your money you need to do the following:

-Ask for the appliance repair history

-Do a physical inspection; check knobs and seals for cracks

-Turn it on. If it's a washer, run a cycle and look for leaks.

-Make sure it will fit the space you want to put it in.