JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A year ago Joi Watson'sbrother was killed; shewanted to memorialize him with a personalized Florida licensed plate.

"Me and my brother were very close," she said.

Family is important to her and as simple as it seems, Watson said the new license would have bridge the void created by his loss.

"I was real excited when I had the idea," said Watson.

On July 9, Watson went to the local DMV office and followed its directions in selecting a personalized tag. She was even given a computer generated image of how it would look.

On August 5, she received the much anticipated license plate and she said it was not what she paid for, nor expected.

Watson saidthe 'O' in the word "FLOSSCE" looked like the number zero.

"How the print out looks is what I wanted,"said Watson, "That's why I signed off on that."

"They told me the letter 'O' will look like a zero in all tags from now on," Watson added.

She asked for a refund and Watson said that's when she started getting arun around.She was finallytold it would have to come from the Duval County Tax Collector.

"I don't want this plate because it is not what I signed off on," said Watson, "It is not what I asked for. This is totally different."

Sherry Hall of the Duval County Tax Collector's office contacted the DMV in Tallhassee. After much discussion, the DMV has agreed to refund her $125 fee, minus the cost of renewing her tag.

Watson said she is please with the outcome.