AILEY, Ga. -- After spending the day in Ailey, Ga. we found a few things are very important in this small town. Family, friends and the town's bank. It's been around since the early 1900s. Since then, the bank has moved, and there have been a lot of changes.

Susan Johnson was raised in Ailey.

"You were shocked, to know the guy, to see the guy, and next thing you see in the paper, you know, they're after him, looking for him," Johnson said.

She's talking about Aubrey Lee Price. According to the FBI, he was a director at Montgomery Bank and Trust until June of this year. As a bank director, the FBI claims Price was responsible for a major investment scheme, funneling $21 million of investors' money to other accounts.

Now the feds say that money is gone, and so is Price. Investigators say he left a suicide note and was last seen on June 16 boarding a ferry in Key West, en route to Fort Myers.

Fed meeting starts today, but chances of action look slim

Since that time, Montgomery Bank and Trust closed and reopened a couple days later as Ameris Bank, with the help of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, leaving people in this town wondering how this could have happened.

"It was a blow. I always go in and pull my account up, and I couldn't go on. I then I saw Montgomery Bank has been shut down," Johnson said.

Years ago, Max Bishop's first job was at the bank. Now, he's worried about its future.

"There's a big uncertainty regarding the future of the bank and if they're going to be able to maintain their operations here in Ailey," he said.

Price, who is also a minister, could be in South America. According to the FBI, Price has built churches and done mission work there. They have reason to believe he could have gone back.

If you have any information about where Price is, call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. The FBI is offering a reward for his arrest.