JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The ACLU is asking JSO to provide some pretty specific information.

The group wants the Sheriff's Office to describe how they use informationcollected by automatic license plate readers.

"My concern is that people's privacy is going to be invaded. That there's going to be a record of where everyone is at any moment if you go through these areas where people are recording your license plate information," said Defense Attorney Janet Johnson.

Johnson says thinks the ACLU has a point.

The group has asked JSO to provide information on how they use automatic license plate readers to track the movements of people in Duval County.

"You could be doing something completely innocent, and the government could come back and say, you were in this area, at this time, and a crime was committed," she said.

The cameras are mounted on some cop cars and automatically take a picture of the license plates that pass, looking for outstanding warrants.

So the argument for them, is if you don't have a warrant, why would you care?

"The flip side is that if you aren't doing anything illegal, you shouldn't care what you're caught doing, if it's nothing something bad," she said.

But Johnson says she agrees with the ACLU and wants to know how that information is being stored, and how it could be used against you.

"In this country, we don't want to be photographed and have our whereabouts recorded all the time, and without any probable cause and I think every citizen is going to be concerned about that," she said.

The ACLU has also asked Tampa and Miami to provide their information.