JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It is a truck repair shop, not a car wash, but the shop's recent JEA water bill is a soaker. It takes 20,000 gallons to fill the average swimming pool -- JEA billedthe repair shop for using 104,000 gallons of water,enough water to fill five pools in one month.

"How do you justify that," said Liz Heath.

Heath is the bookkeeper and office manager at Heath's Diesel Service and called the July bill outrageous. Looking back over the bills for the past seven months, Heath said the most water they have used in one month was 12,000 gallons.

"There's nothing leaking, everything is in working order," she said.

The JEA meter system said the July bill is accurate. The business owner says that is not possible.

"There's something defective in that meter," said Liz Heath. "No way that we used that much water."

Heath said the businessuse waterfor washing hands, the restroom and sometimes to clean an engine.

"We'll occasionally wash a motor," she said, "but we don't use a pressure washer or a lot of water."

Heath called the JEA, looking for an explanation ofthe $1,000 water bill and was surprised by the response.

"They did not offer any answers," she said. Just a payment plan

The company is now monitoring the water meter daily and keeping its own readings. They don't want to be surprised by another water bill that doubled unexpectedly.

"I've already paid my bill so I don't expect, I would like them to look into why last month it was like that," said Heath.

JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce said that the utility's electronic meter reading system is very accurate. Boyce said it appears something was left running, they had a running toilet or had a leak and it has been fixed.

Boyce said the JEA does not make bill adjustments for toilet leaks, but if there was a concealed leak that has been repaired, the company can submit a repair statement for a sewer adjustment.