CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- In the middle of the Clay County woods, a peaceful, babbling brook stands where the sides of a road once were.

"We haven't been able to get out since Sunday night," said Pamela Smith.

Pamela, her husband Bob Smith, and dozens of other families on Longbranch Road are stuck.

"We've been here home-bound since Monday and can't go to work, can't go to the store, can't do anything," Pamela said.

The only way they're getting around is in their 4-wheel drive golf cart.

They've seen flooding before, but "nothing like this. I hadn't seen anything like this," Bob said.

A few hundred yards down the road from the Smith's house, the road crumbles away.

There, they can avoid the crumbling sides.

But they can't get past what was once a road over a creek, now reduced to a pile of concrete blocks.

Pamela said after days of rain, the county came out Tuesday and laid concrete and clay over the culvert. She said it lasted about an hour and a half.

The water feeding into Black Creek stopped for nothing, not even a fence, which was pushed to the side with its wood boards snapped.

As Longbranch residents come up with ways to get food to their families.

The Smiths are hoping the Clay County steps up so they can get out.