Macclenny,GA.-- A local family plans to file a lawsuit after a school bus accident.

Kendall Padgett's father says she's lucky it wasn't worse.

"She means everything to me. That's a whole bus load of precious cargo you're hauling, and they just up doing whatever on the school bus," said William Padgett.

Padgett says the driver of the school bus routinely asked students to sweep the floors on the way to school.

He says the driver had a schedule of when students would sweep while the bus was moving.

On June 5th, it was his daughter's turn.

She told her Dad she out in the aisle with the broom when a car rear-ended the bus.

"She came home with a headache, she couldn't turn her head the whole way," he said.

The bus driver was not cited for the crash, but Padgett says she is responsible for his daughter's injury.

"Negligence on the bus driver's part. That's the bus driver's job, the bus driver should have been doing it," he said.

"My little girl could have gotten seriously hurt."

Padgett's lawyer, Michael McGrath, put the school on notice that they intend to file a lawsuit.

"This case, with her on her feet, she was banged around pretty good, and struck her head, and we're a little more concerned with the extent of her injuries at this point," said McGrath

And he says more kids could have been in danger.

"Out biggest concern is that if this has been an ongoing practice with the school, that when it starts back up next year it doesn't continue," he said.

Kendall is now on summer vacation, but when she goes back to school in the fall, her father says she will stay seated on the bus.

"When I went to school you kept you foot out of the isle and sat in your seat. You didn't stick your foot in the isle, much less sweep the floor," he said.