JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- While plenty of people slip them on without thinking twice, your summer staple could be doing more harm than good.

"I probably wear them every day," said one woman.

"We're in Florida, you have to have flip flops, you can't wear anything but sandals in Florida," said another.

"I think I have a romance with my feet, and my shoes," said a third.

Unfortunately your flip flops might not be showing you the same love back.

"Flip flops tend to be a shoe of choice, but they're not so great for you," said Podiatrist Amanda Bartell.

Dr.Bartell treats patients all the time who are in pain from their convenient foot ware.

"Ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain," she said.

She says while flip flops might be comfortable, you might want to think twice before you slip them on this summer.

"They don't offer much support, they alter your gate, you tend to take a shorter step in order to keep the flip flop on your foot," she said.

Dr. Bartell says people who have high arches, diabetes, or any loss of feeling in their feet shouldn't wear flip flops at all!

But if you feel you must flop, she says choose wisely.

"You want them to have a thicker sole, you don't really want to be able to bend them in half. And you want to look for some cushion and arch support in them," she said.

And like most things, your favorite flip flops are probably ok in moderation.

"You don't have to not wear them, you can wear them, just be smart about the times you wear them, and the activities you do while wearing flip flops," she said.