JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's something you don't expect to see when you look out your window.

"Outside my window there was a small hole, probably 8 inches in diameter. And she said today, it's like huge," said Joyce Donaldson.

Donaldson runs her business out of the building where the hole is located. She called her neighborhood association for help. She said they made calls to the city about this growing problem.

"The last word she had, somebody was going to be here Monday to fill it in. I'm not sure it's going to last until Monday," Donaldson said.

Now, Donaldson says this hole outside is more than just a safety hazard. She said it's damaging her building.

"Now we have cracks inside our building on the wall that were not there before."

Donaldson believes all the rain caused the problems. The city says a crew will stabilize the ground Thursday morning and then a contractor will do a full repair.