JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- What would you do if a man seemingly covered in blood started to chase you? That's what one man did to scare numerous people in Miami, and the timing couldn't have been worse.

It's like something from the scene of a zombie movie, but what happened on a Miami causeway is no laughing matter. A homeless man violently attacked by a naked man on drugs. His face was literally chewed off.

"It's gross that people are looking at it so much," a Jacksonville woman said.

The viral event sparked a number of sarcastic Facebook posts, with hashtags of a #zombieapolocalypse on Twitter, and T-shirts saying "Welcome to Miami Dead County," of course a play on words for Miami-Dade.

A newYouTube video already has more than 3 million hits and counting. It shows a man dressed as a zombie, with fake blood covering his face and shirt, running up to people as though he's going to attack.

Was it a harmless prank or just plain stupid?

"I think it's an assault," said local lawyer Janet Johnson. "I mean he's putting them in fear with his actions and threatening violence essentially. Whether it's an act or not, these people didn't know that."

Johnson said the fake zombie attacker may face 60 days in jail if he was charged with simple assault, a second degree misdemeanor.

"One guy was sort of trapped between a couple of cars," Johnson said. "That could be a false imprisonment."

Most of those approached by the fake zombie ran, but what if someone fought back?

"You can stand your ground to a battery, a simple assault," Johnson said. "If a person feels like he's in fear and he's in a place where he legally can be, he could fight back."

Take it from the source himself, a known YouTube prankster who created the video, said he almost got shot and urged his viewers, 'Do not try it.'

"I think it's the kind of prank that could easily backfire," Johnson said. "And ultimately it wasn't in good taste because of what just happened in Miami. Bad idea."