MACCLENNY, Fla. -- Parents were told ahead of time, have your cameras ready for an amazing choreographed dance and fireworks display at Baker County High's graduation.

But they weren't expecting a bang so close.

"I couldn't hear, my hands were numb," said Mike Wawzynski.

Wawzynski was sitting just feet away from the explosion Friday night. It landed on the sidewalk in front of the bleachers before exploding. Six people were injured, but it could have been much worse.

"If it had hit a stroller or somebody old, or someone's head. It's an explosive designed to blow up," he said.

A firefighter from the Macclenny Fire Department actually lighted the fireworks. But instead of exploded in the air, one turned toward the crowd.

"It's basically the nature of the firework. You light one fuse and it's kinda out of your control. We've never had one do this, head into a crowd of people," said Scott Crews of the fire department.