JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Carol Pinover's desktop grandfather clock would normally sit on the desk in her office, but she said it is being held hostage by a repair shop.

"You used the word hostage. Obviously, he's holding it hostage unless we give him fifty dollars," said Pinover.

Pinover took the clock to Charles Margolin, owner of Walsh Shoe & Boot Sales & Service in March. Pinover said she paid $160 for repairs, but the clock did not work properly, so she took it back in April.

"And I got mad and raised my voice," she said, "and he said 'don't raise your voice at me,' but I said 'I'mmad, this isn't fair.'"

Pinover was angrybecause she thought the clockwas being repaired under a one-year warranty, which was a verbal warranty.

She said she did everything the repair shop suggested to get it working before returning it.

"I did everything he told me to do over the phone -- it is still not working," said Pinover.

Margolin runs two repair shops. He was at his Hamilton Street location when wecaught up with him.

Margolinsaid the work is not covered under his 'unwritten' warranty. He said that his warranty is for labor only. Margolin said he had to make repairs again and Pinoverowes him $40.

"We have to get paid for our time," he said.

As for holding the clock hostage and adding a fee for her attitude, he denied it.

"I'm not holding the clock hostage for her attitude," he said.

We checked his business and Margolin haspaid his city license tax and while Margolin is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, the BBB gives him an 'F' rating. The BBB keeps record ofcomplaints both resolved and unresolved to factor into its rating.

Pinover said the clock is a family heirloom and needs to be with her family.

"I want my clock back," she said.

Attorney Eric Friday saida business is obligated to fulfill the terms of the warranty. But since the terms are not in writing, in this case, that might be a problem

First for you: Friday said whether it is a small business or big corporation, always get your warranty in writing.

He said this case should go to consumer mediation in small claims court.

Because of a broken trust, the family has offered to take the clock home for 30 days and then pay the business if it works properly. The business owner says no -- that is too long.