JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Mathews bridge is still closed, even though the roughest part of Beryl is past the First Coast.

The State Department of Transportation has now launched an investigation in to why the bridge closed in the first place.

Turns out it wasn't Beryl that broke it, but possible faulty construction.

The Department of Transportation contracted a company to build a platform on the bridge.

It was designed to protect passing cars from the construction.

But the company the state bought materials from said the contractor disregarded their warnings about safety and proper instillation.

That company says the state refused their offer to send an engineer out free of charge to install the platform, and instead, paid a contractor to do the same work.

When the winds kicked up after the storm, parts of that platform were ripped off and left dangling overhead.

Now a team of 40 workers is standing by to fix the damage, but the state department of transportation says they won't allow construction to continue on the bridge until they sort out what went wrong with the platform.

It is unlikely that the bridge will reopen in time for rush hour on Wednesday.