PALATKA, Fla. -- Police are searching for more information after two separate attempted abductions.

Both in Palatka, one on St. Johns Avenue near Moseley and the other on Bronson Street.

Felicia Love told Palatka police a man driving a maroon car tried to give her twin 11-year-old daughters a ride without her permission.

She called the ordeal on May 27th "terrifying."

"I was right there," Love said. "And he's just telling me he wants to pick my children up."

Palatka Chief of Police Gary Getchell said this is the second reported attempted abduction in the the last week.

They usually have only four or five reports annually.

"Based on the descriptions we were given, two different men, two completely different locations in the city," Getchell said.

Two days earlier, May 25, Getchell said a 14-year-old Palatka High School student was walking home when a man driving a gold van stopped and asked if she needed a ride, then approached her on foot. Getchell said the young woman ran to a nearby business and called for help.

"Anytime they see a child any place, especially when they are by themselves they are a target for sick people who are out there," Getchell said.

Love said she was walking about 30 feet behind her children that Sunday morning, never letting them out of her sight. But she said the man persisted, saying he "had a permit" to pick them up.

"Is it unusual? Absolutely it's unusual," Getchell said. "There is no such permit to go around and just stop and talk to people and say I have a permit to stop and pick you up and take you wherever."

Love and her neighbor say they've seen the man in the maroon car in the neighborhood before, and will now be watching for him.

The man appeared to be in his 50's, with grey hair, mustache, and beard.

Palatka police urge residents to be on alert and to report any suspicious activity to police or Crimestoppers.