YULEE, Fla. -- Ken Coefield went to bed with no power, but a falling tree turned out to be his alarm clock that sounded three hours before he normally gets up.

"It came down like gang busters around 1:30 this morning. Heard a rumble, knew something had hit the house," said Cofield, who discovered a large 60 foot tree had missed his master bedroom by inches.

The tree rested peacefully on the roof with no visibledamage and no water leaks inside.

"It looks like through the grace of God that it did not do any damage," said Cofield who expectedhis pecan trees to be more vulnerable to the tropical storm.

TheYulee man, who recently had hip replacement surgery, said he normally would have tackled the cleanup project, says this time, he will call in the experts to remove the tree that narrowly missed his bedroom.