JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- A soldier from the First Coast is in a hospital in Afghanistan after being injured.

First Lieutenant Ryan Timoney was injured in an explosion.

"I didn't get a terrible feeling. Usually mothers get these terrible feelings when something is wrong, but I didn't have that this time," said his mother, Diane Timoney.

Since that initial phone call about his injuries, the Timoney's only know very basic information about their son's condition.

His head, torso, and leg are injured, and he's been sedated.

But that's all they know.

"If we could just have some iota of how he's doing that would be very helpful. Because you don't know. How close is he to good or bad," she said.

The Timoney's are waiting to see where Ryan will be flown for treatment, so they can meet him at the hospital.

They say they need all the support they can get.

"Even if you do not support the war, those are our young men and women out there doing the work that is ask of them," she said.

And right now, all they have is support, while they wait.

"You just want to know where you stand. It's the not knowing that is really the hardest," she said.

The Timoney's say their son was proud to serve his country, and wanted to do the job.

"He's an excellent son, and a good soldier," said his father, Greg Timoney.