JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The newly released evidence in the murder case against George Zimmermann sheds new light on what happened the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

It also raises questions about Special Prosecutor Angela Corey's decision to charge Zimmermann with second degree murder.

"I have an ethical obligation to file charges we reasonably believe we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt," said Corey.

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Corey reminds her critics thatthe partial evidence does not reveal her entire case against Zimmermann.

"What the media and the general public has to remember is that there's a lot that we cannot release by law, so we're asking people to wait and look at all of the evidence," said Corey. "We've been asking them to do that from the beginning but no one wants to do that; I don't know how to resolve this."

Corey saidthere's too much misinformation about the case. She blames the media and the Internet.

Addressing the First Coast Tiger Bay Club, a multi-partisan political and civic forum, Corey called for the legislature to "tamp down" on the public record laws.

"The public's right to know should never trump the state's right to a fair trial or equally the defendant's right to a fair trial," said the prosecutor.

In her audience was State Representative Charles McBurney who wants to know what she would change.

"I would say that nothing should be public until the trial comes," Corey replied.

Corey said a recent confrontation with Congresswoman Corrine Brown during the sentencing of Marissa Alexander, another high profile case, was fueled by misinformation.

"I consider it very unbecoming for a member of Congress to come into someone else's arena without knowing their facts and causing a public display," said Corey.

Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in jail for firing a gun during a domestic dispute.

Corey said her office is moving forward with the Zimmermann case, in spite of what the bloggers may say.

"Stop trying any of our cases in the media. Let us try them in the courtroom," said Corey.