JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A woman says she wasattacked at Ed Austin Regional Park, and she claims nothing is being done to warn others and information in the police report is wrong.

"When I close my eyes, I just keep seeing it and seeing it and seeing it," Latasha Hart said. "And what if I didn't get out of there. What if I didn't fight."

Hart was finishing up a walk in Ed Austin Park Tuesday, just after dusk when she said she was suddenly knocked down and pulled toward the woods.

"He said 'Get her. Just effing get her," Hart said.

She thought about her husband and kids, and her mind went the the worst.

"That I was going to die," Hart said, "Or I was going to be raped."

But her attackers ran off.

When Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers arrived, Hart said the nightmare continued.

"[The officer's] attitude changed when he saw that I had tattoos," Hart said. "He said is this drugs? Are you on drugs? Do you do drugs? And I said, 'No sir I don't', and he said 'Don't lie to me.'"

Hart, who said she was covered in blood and gashes, said the officer told her she was too hysterical, and at one point told her to "shut up".

"The report I received, it's inaccurate," Hart said, adding, "They didn't take any evidence. They didn't take my shirt. They didn't check my fingernails."

Although Hart said the attack happened at Ed Austin Regional Park, the address listed on the police report is for nearby Buck Park.

The officer, however, notes in his report the park in question has a Police Athletic League facility. Ed Austin Park has a PAL facility. Buck Park does not.

Back at the park, seeing no signs or notices to warn others about the attack, Hart urged women she passed to be careful.

"I just can't believe we weren't made aware of this situation," one walker said.

"I don't want this to happen to someone else out there," Hart said. "Women that's walking this park that they don't know what happened."

JSO recorded the incident as an aggravated battery.

Hart said she has not been contacted for any follow up, and JSO would not tell First Coast News why other residents and park visitors haven't been notified of the attack.