CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- The Clay County School Board voted to allow prayer on school grounds Thursday night, but there's a big catch.

It has been a hard-fought battle on both sides of the issue, and the vote didn't seem to please either side.

The board voted 3-2 to allow prayer on school grounds, but to enforce some pretty serious restrictions.

The new regulations apply to any outside group that wants to use school property.

All adults involved will have to provide their name, address and birth date to submit to a background checkten days before the event.

The event will have to be finished 30 minutes before the school bell.

And whoever is running the event would have to provide insurance for every person in attendance.

The board attorney however acknowledged that Pastor Ron Baker is likely the only person the new policy will effect, which left some people scratching their heads.

"If the prayer is illegal, ban it, stop it all together. If it's not illegal, then what are we doing? The policy changes that have been made, as Rev. Baker just said, will only exclude him. That's the only person it will affect," said Clay County resident Ben Owens at the meeting.

Pastor Baker said he will continue to hold prayer one foot off of school grounds every morning.