PALATKA, Fla. -- The Putnam County Sheriff's Office has arrested a Putnam County School District bus driver afterlearning she had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old Palatka High School student.

A student met with a Putnam County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officer April18th. The student told police his friend was having a sexual relationship with a school bus driver, according to a press release from Captain Johnny Greenwood with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.

The student told police they even witnessedone instance where their friend and the bus driver had sex.

As the sheriff's office began their investigation, they also involved the Palatka Police Department due to some of the sexual encounters taking place within their jurisdiction, Greenwood said.

Investigators from both agencies met with the 17-year-old victim. When they did, he provided details of a sexual relationship between him and a 36-year-old bus driver, Kiki Algeria Hamilton-White.

Police learned Hamilton-White and the teen had sexual contact multiple times. Greenwood said it does not appear that any of the incidents took place on a school bus or on Putnam County School District property.

Detectives interviewed Hamilton-White. After the interview, Hamilton-White was arrested.

Hamilton-Whiteis charged with four counts of unlawful sexual activity with a certain minor. The Palatka Police Department also added two additional charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor because of the crimes committed within their jurisdiction.

Hamilton-White was released from jail after she posted $15,024 bond.