JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --School custodian Robert Allen has watched the problem of a pothole unfold, ashe has beendirecting the after school traffic around West Riverside Elementary.

"That hole has been there since last month," he said.

It has become a problem for parents and school bus drivers as they navigate around the barricades in the middle of the intersection at Herschel and James.

"It is a safety hazard really," said Allen.

Angela Jenkins is one of those parents; she said thehole is big enough to cause worry.

"It is dangerous for the school buses to come by and the children that are crossing," she said.

It is easy to dismiss it as aninconvenience, but Jenkins says it is a safety concern because it is about three feet deep and seems to be getting wider.

The bedunder the asphalt has washed away.So until it is repaired, school staffers guide thebuses, loaded with children, around the cave in.

"That side is real soft right there and the weight of the bus with kids, it can go down," said Allen, "so I direct them right around the barrier here."

According the JEA,the problem is the city's public works division. JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce said records show that the cityplaced barricades around the area on April 4.

Jenkins has always seen it from her vehicle, but when she saw it close up, she was surprise.

"Wow, it goes really deep," she said.

Jenkins saidthey, being the parents, were expecting some kind of repair by now.

"When I went around, it seems to be cracking wider to where the sidewalk is where the children cross the street," said Jenkins.

You can'texpect the city to run out and fix every pothole in a hurry, but the response from the the city in this situation is surprising.

Spokesperson Debbie Delgado said: "Per public works, the depression in the road is not an open cave-in at this time and does not pose a serious hazard. It is on the list to be repaired in less than 2 weeks."

Images on the Internet of a road depression shows that there is still a bed of dirt under the asphalt, in this case the dirt is completely gone directly where the asphalt has collapsed.