JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A new initiative for small businesses is launching in Florida.

Governor Rick Scott's office has partnered with Google to provide free websites for small business owners in the state.

According to Scott, 68% of small businesses don't have websites.

But how will that affect businesses whose business it is to design websites?

"He's basically planting seeds for us," said eLyk Co-Founder Joe Lemire.

Lemire is excited about the governor's plan, which he said will eventually drive more business his way.

"Some of your best customers are people who have experimented with a free or low-cost option, and sometimes it's a really good fit for them when they start out," he said.

The option the state is offering will likely be pretty basic, so Lemire said when first time web users see it's limitations, they will enlist his services.

"Eventually these companies who have a free website will need us if they want to use the Internet to grow," he said.

He said that's what eLyk is all about.

"Your website it always growing and should never actually be done," he said.