MAYPORT, Fla. -- The USS Carney returned to Mayport Naval Station on a cold and windy Sunday morning, but it did not dampen the enthusiasm one bit.

Thousands of family and friends were on hand to greet the 250 crew members who returned from a 7-month long deployment.

Nine new babies were born while the Carney was gone and the fathers returned to see their little ones for the first time. "It's incredible, look at this beautiful boy and this gorgeous wife, words can't describe it, sir," said Brenton Hargrove who greeted wife Libby and saw his son,Benton,for the first time.

According to those on board, the Carney had a very successful deployment dealing with pirates.

"We boarded 16 vessels," said Commander Marc Boran, CO of the Carney. "We disrupted 30 pirates and captured two mother ships. The crew of the USS Carney did a fantastic job."

All the sailorsseemed very happy to be home and loved ones were ecstatic to see them again. One wife told First Coast News, "It's the best present of the year."