JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Today Doyce Griffis entered a plea of guilty in federal court to five counts of producing child pornography.

Griffis, 48, was accused in 2011 of using his tanning bed business to record video of underage girls.

VIDEO: Griffis Defends His Actions

Griffis operated the business from February 2000 until April 26, 2011, according to court documents. The tanning bed was located in an outbuilding at his residence in Starke.

According to a news release from United States Attorney Robert E. O'Neill, Griffis gave his customers a code to be able to get into the building. He would then allow customers to use the tanning bed by placing money in a slot in the wall of the room.

Griffis provided his customers with "specific written instructions" on payment options for various tanning services, according to the release.

Griffis charged $2.50 for a single visit, called a "pay as you lay" visit. Customers could pay a flat fee of $30 for a full month.

According to court documents, Griffis had installed a two-way mirror in the room containing the tanning bed. This allowed Griffis to view the customers before they entered the tanning bed.

Additionally, court documents show, Griffis cut a hole in an air vent near the foot of the tanning bed, allowing him to view customers inside the tanning bed.

During the time he operated the tanning bed, Griffis made video recordings of "dozens of female customers," according to the release.

The recordings were kept for Griffis' personal use and included detailed notes of the women.

In April 2011 the Bradford County Sheriff's Office, acting on a tip, questioned Griffis about a two-way mirror in the tanning bed room.

Griffis admitted to spying on his customers and recording them, according to the documents. Additionally, investigators discovered a collection of videocassettes that included video of nude female customers.

Griffis admitted to police that several of the girls he videotaped were under 18 and that two of the girls were 14, according to the release.

As investigators continued searching Griffis' residence, they located a collection of DVDs labeled "Girls." One of these videos was of a minor having sex while in the tanning room. According to court records, this recording was made through the two-way mirror without the knowledge of the depicted man and woman.

According to court documents, none of the people depicted in the recordings knew Griffis was watching them.

During the course of the investigation, detectives also seized Griffis' laptop. On his computer they found 103 videos and 45 images of child pornography Griffis had downloaded off the internet, court records show.

Griffis faces a mandatory minimum sentence of no less than 15 years and a maximum of 30 years in federal prison for each of the five charges. Griffis also faces a $250,000 fine. If his sentence allows for him to leave federal prison, he will face a life term of supervised release.